solarmach documentation

The Solar MAgnetic Connection Haus (Solar-MACH) tool is a multi-spacecraft longitudinal configuration plotter. This is the documentation of the pip/conda package of Solar-MACH, called solarmach. For the corresponding streamlit repository, which is used for, see



Please cite the following paper if you use solarmach in your publication:

Gieseler, J., Dresing, N., Palmroos, C., von Forstner, J.L.F., Price, D.J., Vainio, R. et al. (2022). Solar-MACH: An open-source tool to analyze solar magnetic connection configurations. Front. Astronomy Space Sci. 9. doi:10.3389/fspas.2022.1058810


The Solar-MACH tool was originally developed at Kiel University, Germany and further discussed within the ESA Heliophysics Archives USer (HAUS) group.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004159.

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